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Paint it black

11/3/13 by CSlash

I found this image online, but the background was white. Now, some like it white, and that's cool. But i like black.
And for all yall who would rather have it black, i edited the image so the bg is black now. I AM NOT TAKING CREDIT
FOR THE ART ITSELF!!! That was drawn by some unknown (to me) talented artist somewhere on the internet. I'm
just taking credit for 'shopping it black. (With the gimp, an open source image editor)

Paint it black


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Nice. Well as a 'normal person' you expect a program to run without any additional scavenging for files, just an .exe you click and that's it, but good to know. I'm actually looking for a programmer for a game right now, but that's with AS2 or 3. I know html/css, and bits and pieces of other languages, but I'm more of a drawing person, I just love designing stuff, not so much figuring out how it's all supposed to work. Programmers are in high demand! :)



Oh, pretty cool! What langues do you know? Btw, maybe add preview images for stuff like that spirals program? I'd like to see what it looks like but I'm thinking I probably don't need it... but then again instead of typing this I could probably have downloaded it and tried it out, just now, real quick.. well as it turns out there may be more than just downloading involved...

Guess the fluxbox is for linux btw? Hope you get some visitors to them posts.

3/17/14 CSlash responds:

I know python, C, HTML, javascript. Also, most programs i write i conciously try to limit
dependencies. The spiral program depends only on python and pygame. (pygame is
game/gfx engine for python.) The thing is, i can't make flash movies, i suck at making music
(That one music thing i put on here was two beats from LMMS overlapped. I discovered it
was a cool sound, but i can't make like a whole song) I used to be kinda good at drawing,
still do sometimes but i can't really do it that good anymore. So the only thing i have to contribute
is my programming skillz. Also, my e-hentai autodownloader only depends on HTTPparser
which normally comes with python (2.x only - i hate 3.x)

The dump's here:

Also accessible through that little button resembling a bucket with an arrow innit in the user menu. You can use that for pretty much anything (though nothing directly illegal of course); links aren't public until/if you post them. If a format isn't supported it can always be zipped, and unlike Gmail .bat and .exe files are OK! Haha, no need for an ftp or http server! Sounds like an overly complex way of going about it, on that topic btw, there are plenty of free webhosts and image hosts around the net, if you don't know about them and are a couple of favorites, for photos flickr gives you a whole TB of space, for webosting and all that comes with it batcave and liway have been around for a while, they're probably the most flexible out of all the ones out there.

The must've taken a while-. O_O

2/16/14 CSlash responds:

yeah ironically i figure it out shortly after i posted that last comment. Anyway i am also
a pretty good programmer and have posted some of my stuff on my news section (dump
links on news posts) Like a program that makes cool trippy spirals, and a custom fluxbox
style i made myself)



Woah, more work went into this than I thought at a first glance! As for the art portal, if it's not originally your own work (and you don't have permission to modify it) it might become subject of moderation, how about a download link to the dump?

2/7/14 CSlash responds:

Sure, if you'll tell me how. I actually zoomed in so i could see the pixels and then used the
airbrush tool to carefully color the white outline black without upsetting the girl's outter tint.
(Very carefully) Was trying to be humble about it tho. Anyway, i am not sure how to set up
a link here. Do i do it with newgrounds web thing, or do i gotta set up an ftp or http server?
(Which i would have to give my home serv's IP and set up port forwarding and could not have it
on all the time cause it would shoot the power bill thru the roof - and i can't afford hosting)



Looks good! Are the white borders intentional or left over?

11/5/13 CSlash responds:

The white borders on the ubuntu symbol and and the ubuntu ribbon thing around her torso
are left there on purpose, because i think it looks better that way, but i did a lot of hard work on the
borders around the girl herself. (Before, she had a white outline all the way around her, but i zoomed
into the pixels, and used the airbrush tool to darken them so that there's no white border. Also,
I recently realized that it might be difficult to download in it's original resolution (it's supposed to
be a desktop bg) so i think i'll repost it to the art section.