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A call to war

2013-12-01 16:57:53 by CSlash

The illegalization of marijuana and hemp have gone on long enough. Human progress should
tend towards a better tomorrow, with cheaper, better, and healthier textiles, materials, fuels, medicine,
and yes, even recreational mind-altering substances! If people switched from cigarettes to marijuana,
there would be at least a 90% less death toll from lung cancer! The government and the corporations
that might as well be running it does not want you to know that marijuana is better! This is why progress
toward freedom of marijuana and hemp usage is so slow! But, if they can release outright lies and
stupifying propoganda so can we! All they're basically doing is appealing to the lowest common dinominator,
the stupid people. People who unquestioningly obey. But the propaganda is old and tired, and most importantly,
weak! The original ads against marijuana were incredibly racist, and uneducated! So, we should exploit that.
Today, racism is strongly discouraged and nazis/kkk/etc are cast out as the bad guys! So, here's how we do it!

We show the original ads and call people who support marijuana illegalization racists! We show the research
for marijuana killing cancer, and call people who do not support marijuana legalization pro-cancer! We show them hemp oil and then show the price of gas! We run strength tests against hemp rope and then cotton rope!

If they can make frightening propaganda, then we will too! Because showing proof and good reason has clearly
been shown to only work for smart people! And i think we know unfortunately that there are more stupid people
than smart people in this world.

I encourage supporters to comment to this post, and even encourage healthy debate from opponents.
However make no mistake. This revolution will not be slow. This is an anti-propaganda movement, employing
propaganda tactics against the anti-marijuana people. Of course we have the advantage though, because unlike
them, WE have right on our side! We have science, history, and proof on our side. This, plus the additional push
of psychologically stimulating propaganda tactics to further push this proof into the other half of the population
should make us faster and more effective at getting marijuana legalized full-scale than the existing pro-marijuana


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2013-12-01 17:31:11

Let's fucking do this! *rips off shirt to reveal a large painted on pot leaf on my chest*

CSlash responds:

Excellent! I looked you up on newgrounds, and your art seems good, and what's possibly
better is your affinity for blogging. I want you to draw pictures that make people angry with
the fact that marijuana has not been completely legalized. Like, on a fundamental level.
Like, showing how so many people are in jail for smoking weed, how hemp oil could bring the
price of fuel down to next to nil (hemp will grow pretty much anywhere, and produces much more
oil than any other comprable agricultural production methods of fuel) and cancer being prevented
by marijuana! Use symbology, use psychology! Make people angry, afraid, and indignant.

Also, blog your heart out, and spread the word!


2013-12-01 17:47:34

i dont do the stuff but yay war? *holds up flag*

(Updated ) CSlash responds:

"War" really only refers to the government's statement of "war on drugs." Implying that we
are fighting back. But this is not a violent war. There will be no bullets or bombs or death.
This is a war for the hearts and minds of the population. This is an information war. A counter-
propaganda movement designed to un-brainwash all the people who lived through the "reefer
madness" and nancy raegan eras, with the goal of completely reversing their damage.

Also, it does not really matter if you do it personally. Just as long as you support that others
should have the right to do it themselves if they want with no legal ramifications involved.


2013-12-01 18:51:56

welli believe if they do it they shud on their own accord without any jail stuff. so yes.

CSlash responds:

Excellent! Now, i would like you to do the same as what i said in my comment to
nekoyoujo. Blog, and make art depicting how wrong it is that marijuana and hemp
are illegal. Make people indignant, and sad, and generally emotional against the
fact that marijuana and hemp are illegal. The whole idea of this is to be a paradigm
shift. (Like how most people now are against racism, even though they were not
like 20 years ago. This was a prime example of a paradigm shift.) Make the future
remember the days before now as "dark times" because marijuana and hemp were