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well, i can't give you less stars because of it because the plot definitely grabs u, and the art and
animation are gr8. but an aside tho, if a zombie shtf situation actually happened like that wouldn't
u be like looking for survivors and forming a party? so instead of shooting that guy, maybe a
"hi! how ya doin, buddy? as you can see i am not infected!"

whoa amazing! standing ovation! for plot, writing, animation, and art! 5/5! one question.
what language is that? I know i've heard it before. is it a pre-spanish-invasion middle or
south american language?

In terms of the video itself and the whole thing. 5/5. but an aside, i mean really, in all that
time working at wal-mart, you could have gotten enough practise drawing to be good enough
to not need school. i mean there's just this HUGE dogma (especially in the US) of one NEEDING
school to do stuff. But especially in art its all about practise and self education. back in high school
i used to sketch a lot during boring classes. at one point i was probably as good as people go to
college for. these days i dont really draw anymore because im more interested in science and
technological pursuits. just saying tho. if u really want to do it that much, why do you really need
college to teach you shit you could have figured out yourself? its not like its some kinda secret
ancient ritual thats only passed on orally since the dawn of time.

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good game.

heh, religion is the real zombie virus. One that tricks people who are terrified of
the cruelties of this world into feeling safe, as long as they do exactly what the church
says, persecute non-believers, and never question it. Brainwashing never had such a
clear definition. Anyway, great game. I love the classic legend of zelda feel. And you were
very creative with the character design.

creative, but very difficult.

I like the style. And definitely the latin music (Gotta tell me where you get those tunes.)
You can't see what you're doing besides what is shown on a time-action chart.
And, the only thing you've got to go on is the playback, and then you edit it a bit.

A nice little brain game.

You really gotta think where you put the turrets in the beginning, cause if you don't set
up just right, then the virii will take all your cubes [cubes rhymes with pubes lol] out with them, not recieving enough damage to kill them. So, you gotta think hard sometimes.
I think i'll download it.

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It's way too busy!

It's way too busy! I liked this version better <http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/vie w/528481> The author pointed me here tho. I'll still give it a 10 cause it's still awesome, but just keep in mind that the aforementioned video gets a 12.

SHADOWFOX2 responds:

No way, you like that version better!?
I couldn't listen to it all the way through 'cause I thought it was so bad.
I didn't even bother putting it up here
Honestly I'm STILL not done with this thing yet, but I felt I was too repetitive with THIS one

Welp I think you're on the list of few who actually prefer the WIP to the modern WIP
In any case, thanks for stopping by; glad you enjoyed the animation


You're either too high or your not high enough. Can't tell. Anyways, it's
awesome. Gave you a 9 instead of a 10 for not having a beat, also i gave
you a high rating for skillz, not for quality. It's awesome that you were able
to say that much that quickly, and let's leave it at that...

JonH2O responds:

I need a beat! Someone drop me a beat!

Thanks for the review.

Why the hell doesen't the download button work!?

Awesoe beat, but when i push the download button it's only the first few seconds
of the song. Wtf!?

LoveKavi responds:

Seriously? ahh that sucks, I can't upload it again as well due to newgrounds not letting me!

If you really want it message me your email =)

Thanks though!

Oy, i'm an anarchist!


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