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religion and science

2014-04-27 19:31:41 by CSlash

Religious people love to talk smack about scientists, saying science is against god, blah blah....

Ya know what the real difference between science and religion is?  Scientists test the theories.  In fact originally, science was founded on a very simple principle expressed in latin (I forgot the latin version, but...)

"See for yourself"

Many religions hate this because it goes against their motto: "Have faith"  Faith that what we say is true even though we have no proof and we forbid you from looking for proof or disproof. 

Except for buhddists and copimists.  Those guys are cool.  Buhddism is just some profound words of wisdom to take to heart and explore for yourself.  In fact, the dalai lama XIV quoted famously:

[Dalai Lama XIV]

“If scientific analysis were conclusively to demonstrate certain claims in Buddhism to be false, then we must accept the findings of science and abandon those claims.”


And copimism is basically just a catch-22 to give pirates and hackers a 1-up on the law by making it a religion (To which i say: FUCK YEAH!!!)

But hey, to the other ones, i won't hate on you, or try to exterminate you, or any other dramatic bullshit, i'm just gonna tell you something that will sit with you all day...


You are being lied to.  Every time you pray, you pray to a god that you don't even know exists.  The only iota of data you have is because your priest said "Because i said so"  Because a book, edited HEAVILY by nearly EVERY king, pope, or other party throughout human history seeking political power by brainwashing the masses who will just believe anything they read in it, told you so.  And it's still happening today.  You aren't worshipping god.  You're worshipping the MAN.


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