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wol with menu

2014-07-28 23:49:33 by CSlash

Some of you may own servers, and its nice to have wol (wake on lan) so you can just start it up remotely and never have to use the power button.  Well, i was browsing the web and found a wol function written by a talented programmer, Fadly Tabrani (activestate: And i wanted to make a whole wol app from it.  So i got to coding, and this is what i got.  It opens a file (./dbfile.db) which contains a list of format: [macaddr]/[descr]\n

Then it gives u a menu for from which you can pick the box u want to start. (by number)

Soes u dont have to remember, or type in the mac addr every time.

 -- Oh, and i'm going to try harder to properly cite borrowed media/code from now on. --


dump link for code:


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