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Witness the horror!

2014-09-09 12:18:59 by CSlash

Ladies and gentlemen, Nukes have hit everywhere, and it's the apocalypse!  Any areas not

immediately blown in the blast, will die shortly of massive radiation poisoning or slowly of nuclear

winter.  and it's all our fault!


How did that make you feel?  You know the cuntries of the world still keep nukes.  They say

"weapons of deterrence"  Weapons of deterrence?  Do you call the fucking apocalypse "deterrance"?

Hell, it's basically still the same standoff we've had since their inception.  But you know what?  It's

not their fault.  You see, the atom and nuclear chain reactions is a very difficult thing for a non-nuclear

physicist to understand fully.  But luckily now we have computers!  Now we as regular humans can

witness the horror of nuclear devastation from the convenience of our living room!  Below you'll

find a link to a simulator similar to the ones used by the army for "wargames" during the cold war,

powered by google earth and studies from nuclear tests and einstein's fomulae.


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