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Well go on then, RUN!!!

2014-10-05 17:37:30 by CSlash

Real freedom is taken not given.  To ask for freedom, is to ask for slavery.
Because why would they give you freedom?  The law, the constitution, the
clinical definition of insanity, these are an institutionalized illusion of choice.
ie. "clean my room before, or after dinner?"  The dinner is still had, and the room is still clean, but they made you feel like you had a choice.  And this is all they will ever do, because to them, we are not the protected.  We are slaves.  In a prison we can never feel or taste or touch.  A prison for your mind.
Freedom isn't just those little things like dancing in the street, or saying what you want to.  It should not matter to you that something is illegal.  It should not matter to you that they think you're crazy.  It should not matter if any of this is "protected" speech.  Just do it.  Just take it and run with it.

They will be afraid.  They may point and scream.  They will call you an insane, anarchist, terrorist, communist, bad guy.  They will use these words to push
the full force of the unholy armada to come get you.  But just keep running.  And you will find yourself running faster than you ever thought you could be.
Freedom is the choice YOU make.


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