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teach the world to fish

2014-11-09 01:39:45 by CSlash

Today my laptop was stolen.  I hung out with my "friends" and then realized my bag with one of my laptops was gone.  But you know, i don't care.  You know why i don't care?  Because money and posessions really don't matter.  I mean, they both needed a computer.  One was a complete computer illiterate besides being able to browse the internet, and the other one i think could really reach his full potential by using computers for his shit.  And i think to myself, who really needed this laptop more?  One of these guys, who can use it to better their lives in so many ways, and want to (one asked me to teach him about computers) or me, who owns like 2 more computers and a whole network of immobile computers doing stuff for me, and would only keep using it for the same ol' shit i was already doing?  Sure, i spent some money on it.  Replacement power button, replacement keyboard, power supply, upgraded memory and hacked wifi antenna, upgraded SSD.  But those things i put in it for comfort and lulz really.  I mean it already worked fine without those things.  We really only get things for our lulz in the moment really.  I just hope he doesen't hock it and never even try.  The world never changes unless we change ourselves...


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