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Give to others in kind as i have given unto you.

2014-11-11 17:52:13 by CSlash

I have written a virus.  A virus for you.  it's very simple, and very contageous.  And here it is:

When someone is sick, give them your medicine.  When someone is cold, give them your coat.  When someone is hungry, give them your food.  But do not ask for anything in return.  Say only.  "You may repay me by giving to others in kind as i have given to you."

People feel the natural urge to pay someone back, with money or posessions.  We naturally have evolved into a mindset of trade.  But money is evil.  People who have more of it will always have power over those who have less.  If instead you ask them to repay you by giving their things to other people who need them, you have turned love into a virus.  And where it spreads, love, life, and enlightenment may grow.


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