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2014-11-13 06:45:15 by CSlash

Well, i suck at art.  Well, compared to this guy.  And not really good at drawing scenes.  So i decided to write a script instead, then put it on my page till a better artist sees it and animates it.  So here it is, the pilot of a series.  Based on a porno called Virus Removal - Kyoumoto Takayuki.  The characters are not original, and the start is not original.  But the plot from there is.  Tho its based on a porn comic, this is not a pornographic series (May do fanservice, but not as part of main arc)

Script (Virus removal X: Enter the hacker)

[Continued from last page of kyomoto takayuki's virus removal]
[The characters to the left in the last panel of this scene i name
kate and suki (right->left) because a name was never defined in
the original comic.]

[The antivirus guy now has a megaman-style plasma arm-cannon gun, cause i said so]
[artist's note, antivirus guy's gun looks ominous, and scary-serious.  cause megaman
is usually portrayed as cute.  But Instead should be portrayed as "dark" theme-wise]

Kate: He already updated the file definitions!
Suki: This is not the time to admire him!  The exit is closed!
Trojan: oh no!  If he stops us here, we'll...

Antivirus: Die!

[enter mysterious stranger in background, leaning against wall behind antivirus.  black baseball cap covering face, wearing dark grey clothes, average build, smoking weed blunt.  Appeared in smoky teleportation]

Suki: [Slinks down, sobs]
[Trojan and worm embrace each other, sobbing, screaming.]
Antivirus [standing over the sobbing, terrified, trapped viruses]:
   Well, well.  Looks like we've got a few virii.  Prepare to be deleted,

[Antivirus points his gun-thing at them and it charges up, megaman-style]
Antivirus: You are terminated.

[Should be a single panel looking up from behind cowering virii at antivirus pointing arm cannon
directly at virii]

[mysterious stranger pushes button on device, only as slight nod, then back to above described scene]

[But he never kills them.  Instead he just freezes, making "glitch freeze" sound.  Like record skipping.]
Worm: hey, what's going on?  [pokes antivirus]
[antivirus wobles like a statue, as bassy ominous music, like from inception plays.]

mysterious stranger: Hey!  u look like u need some help.

[Suki, kate, trojan, worm - Confused and bewildered look]

[Walks slowly towards virii, face still hidden]
Mysterious stranger: I have been watching you.  You are different from other viruses.  You work in a team,
can build your own safe haven and even have notions of free will.  I could write a million virii and they
would not be nearly as good as you.  And you, seem to want into computer networks, but always get stopped by
the fuzz.  However, a virus will always be limited by their very existance: An infector with a payload.
Even now you can only think of destroying this system, by instinct.  I can make you more.  And i can also
help you get past these guys in ways you couldn't possibly imagine.  Yet...

Mysterious stranger: And in return i want you to be...

[mysterious stranger topples frozen antivirus, exploding into digital dust -
artist note: should sound like glass breaking and look like a bunch of random 1's and 0's instead of shards, but same physics should be applied]

Mysterious stranger: my viruses.

kate: Who... are you?
mysterious stranger: Why, i am a hacker!

[Hacker takes out a little ball of data, should look like hollow sphere of random 1's and 0's - green digits as surface and black light eminating thru digits to core.]
[Hacker throws it down, smashing it]
Hacker: WARP!

[Scene fades to white]

[Virus girls wake up in strange house]
Hacker: Yo!  Was wondering when you'd wake up!
Trojan: What are we doing here?  Oww, my head!

Hacker: Yes, a temporary side effect of a firewall-busting warp copy exploit.  You were trapped between the backend of a server you'd found your way into, and a antivirus about to delete you.  I saved you.  Some of your data is still
being downloaded, so you may be feeling the effects as a headache.  Drink this code, and you'll feel better.

[hacker hands trojan a cup of code.  Should resemble a black liquid with 1's and 0's printed on surface, with little 1's
and 0's shooting up like steam]

Suki: So why are you helping us?  You know we kill computers for fun, right?

Hacker: So?  People are so frightened by computer viruses these days b4 they are infected.  Bankers, doctors, lawyers, private citizens...  They love their computers so much.  They worship them like some kind of god.  The virus and the hacker equilize this hubris.  They think they can protect themselves, but by spending so many resources doing so they've completely missed the point.  If you put a computer in charge of a nuclear reactor, or in charge of the world's nukes, or in charge of a child's safety or your privacy and freedom; you've already made yourself a target.

Hacker [turning to worm, with a devilish smirk on his face]: But i like you, beautiful.  Chaos in a bottle.  Destroying systems cause its fun.  But you're not just any virus.  You actually *can* experience fun.

Hacker: Training starts in the morning.  Till then, i suggest u get some sleep.


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