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Entry #20

i have discovered something interesting

2015-04-14 11:31:48 by CSlash

some of you may have done some research on kuji in, spirituality, meditation, etc.  well i have discovered a cool meditation combination that may help some of you or not.  but i figured i'd post it.  now, i'll start with the supporting revelations.  kuji-in, states 9 fingers.  rin, pyo/kyo, toh, sha, jin, kai, retsu, zai, & zen.  in that order.  marco rodin's vortex maths theory states that any numbers, when formed into their binary roots (add numbers in number until n<=9) form a specific pattern, oft represented geometrically around a nonagon.  1,2,4,8,7,5,1...  with a seperate connection between 3,6, 9.  but never between 3 and 6.

so i mapped the kuji in fingers around the same nonagon pattern, forming rin, pyo, sha, zai, retsu, jin, then kai,toh,zen.  in this, several things fall into place.  firstly, toh & kai are seen to represent male and female energies.  this is my interpretation seperately, because toh represents one's connection outwardly with one's environment, and kai represents connection inwardly to one's "soul."  so i find it interesting that indeed, they map perfectly into those positions in the nonagon.  also, zen represents the binding of all parts together in unity.  which is interestingly where 9 is.  1 is also the first.  the source.  which is rin.  corresponding to the base, or 1st chakra.  pyo is the second, corresponding to intuitive feeling, interestingly opposite to retsu, corresponding to the 3rd eye, representing more specific seeing.  zai is the soul's connection, the crown.  opposite to rin.  sha and jin are connections to doing, and willing, respectively.  this may to some sound like an all-over the place rambling, but i hope that to those who study this stuff as i do, perhaps it will help them to make sense of some of this stuff.

cite: [vortex maths - marco rodin] [link to kuji-in ebook] [link to spirit science's pair-o-dime shift, suggesting the inward/outward's relation to male and female energies, as they apply to inspiration.] [more detailed explanation of male/female yin/yang duality, by spirit science]


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