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route mgr mkI

2014-04-23 04:00:10 by CSlash

Ever seen those movies with a hacker in it where there's a world map and it shows their connection thru the 'net?  Well i made one!  (It's called a graphical traceroute.)

dump link:


It's kinda basic tho.  Currently working on mkII, but currently uses linux traceroute, pygame, wget, and a website called  this website limits requests per time frame so u can't keep it running for long, and it's pretty slow right now.  mkII will be faster and use a locally hosted geoip database.  It's zipped, includes source, and a README file to help u set it up.  But basically just install dependencies specified by README and go:


and that's about it.  Enjoy!

DEA agents, narco enforcement cops, and all other members of the police force who are directly responsible for getting innocent stoners thrown in jail or prison or fines or other legal bullshit....




You fuck up people's lives who are just trying to get high.  You overcrowd our prisons with innocent people, and then you participate in more bullshit propaganda making yourselves out to be the heroes when you just fucking shot and killed a 16 year old kid who was just tryin to buy some weed!  You know what really accounts for most of the deaths between two dealers?  It's not war.  All that shit's really happening mostly in mexico cause the americans are usually like "Fuck that shit man"  - cause it kills people, drives away business, and generally fucks shit up, and gangs don't want drama - they want money.  What really accounts for deaths is lack of trust because one guy's like "Dude, u a cop?"  Is he a cop?  You hand over that money or pull out that weed and u know it's all over.  And if one dude even looks like a cop there might be blood.  It's fucking you introducing all this fucking blood and drama and war cause of your fucking meddling.  And it's true that the whole "kill em and we got the money and the drugs" shit might happen with the harder drugs, but fuck man, it's u fuckers that turn this shit from a few dead guys into a fucking war.  You introduce the tension, and the mistrust that it takes for shit like that to happen. and you just take it all like it's a fucking game!  Crossing your fucking arms like you're the man, and that will make it all better.  And you got these other people convinced of your bullshit, turning normal people narcs and introducing a completely new factor perhaps more dangerous than cops, cause a narc looks just like a normal person, u don't see the bulge or the familiar cop signs, and that's even worse.  Like anyone could get u busted, and maybe even getting these people killed too cause you introduce them to the same risks a cop takes.  So i say it once again, just to clarify.  And don't dumb it down in your mind or sugarcoat it or bleep it out, because i mean every single word exactly as i type them, word for fucking word:

DEA, narco cops, and the forces that put stoners and dealers in prison, DESERVE TO BE RAPED TO DEATH WITH BROOMSTICKS!

I just wanted to make my position on this argument perfectly and unequivically clear for future generations. autodownloader

2014-03-14 13:39:28 by CSlash

So i get a lot of my porn from the website  Free porn, and lots of it.

Anyway, so for a lot of their stuff they've got like, torrents to download the whole album.

Which is awesome cause torrents are faster, and more anonymous than direct downloading.

But some of their stuff they don't have a torrent for.  And i'm not sure if this is on purpose

or something, in which case they'll probably change their page code to make this

script obsolete, or maybe they'll give me a job... [that'd be cool]  Anyway, so here's this

script i wrote to download a whole album systematically.  Cause i figured out that mainly the

only image that has a ip adress instead of dns name in the start of its url is the main image.

Or, something...  Anyway, here's dump link:


Also it asks for url of first image.  This is the page where the first image is displayed. 



Also, does not work on python 3.  because as usual the python team had to fuck up a good

language by making everything work differently for no reason.  So yeah, python 2.x on this.


Happy fapping yall...

war thunder registration bonus!

2014-03-08 09:29:30 by CSlash

Register now-ish (not sure how long this thing will be up) on war thunder for

50 golden eagles (If i read it correctly, you get them even if u don't register for

the premium thing - Which is huge cause there's normally NO other way to get

gold eagles unless you register that way)


so here's the link:


So if u like war games, and especially dogfighting or bombing in a cool WW2 plane - games,

then this is a good game for u.  Just got this link when i logged in, so i figured i'd pass it on to

my adoring fans as well as my adoring haters.... lulz...

Commodore 64 xterm

2014-02-18 14:54:36 by CSlash

Linux tutorial!  Fans of the 1980's marvel, the Commodore 64, i give you a tutorial

to make xterm look pretty much exactly like the commodore 64!  (except it's just bash

dressed up)


Note: Has only been tested successfully on arch linux with xterm and fluxbox WM.

However i encourage anyone else who would like to port it to other OS's and WM's to chime

in thru the comments section below!  I enourage input, both positive and negitive!


dump link:


Fluxbox the matrix theme

2014-02-09 16:05:39 by CSlash

Uploaded my custom "the matrix" theme file for fluxbox.

I modified it from "Makro" from default themes that come with



dump link:


Just copy it to /usr/share/fluxbox/styles/

or ~/.fluxbox/styles


Whichever is good 4u

Spirals program

2014-02-07 16:04:26 by CSlash

Made a program yesterday that makes really trippy spirals.  It's written in python.

(dump link)


Depends on: python 2.7, pygame

python is available for windows here:

pygame is available here:


Please note, if you have linux or a mac, you probably already have python.


A screenshot (kinda) is available in my images section.

A call to war

2013-12-01 16:57:53 by CSlash

The illegalization of marijuana and hemp have gone on long enough. Human progress should
tend towards a better tomorrow, with cheaper, better, and healthier textiles, materials, fuels, medicine,
and yes, even recreational mind-altering substances! If people switched from cigarettes to marijuana,
there would be at least a 90% less death toll from lung cancer! The government and the corporations
that might as well be running it does not want you to know that marijuana is better! This is why progress
toward freedom of marijuana and hemp usage is so slow! But, if they can release outright lies and
stupifying propoganda so can we! All they're basically doing is appealing to the lowest common dinominator,
the stupid people. People who unquestioningly obey. But the propaganda is old and tired, and most importantly,
weak! The original ads against marijuana were incredibly racist, and uneducated! So, we should exploit that.
Today, racism is strongly discouraged and nazis/kkk/etc are cast out as the bad guys! So, here's how we do it!

We show the original ads and call people who support marijuana illegalization racists! We show the research
for marijuana killing cancer, and call people who do not support marijuana legalization pro-cancer! We show them hemp oil and then show the price of gas! We run strength tests against hemp rope and then cotton rope!

If they can make frightening propaganda, then we will too! Because showing proof and good reason has clearly
been shown to only work for smart people! And i think we know unfortunately that there are more stupid people
than smart people in this world.

I encourage supporters to comment to this post, and even encourage healthy debate from opponents.
However make no mistake. This revolution will not be slow. This is an anti-propaganda movement, employing
propaganda tactics against the anti-marijuana people. Of course we have the advantage though, because unlike
them, WE have right on our side! We have science, history, and proof on our side. This, plus the additional push
of psychologically stimulating propaganda tactics to further push this proof into the other half of the population
should make us faster and more effective at getting marijuana legalized full-scale than the existing pro-marijuana

Paint it black

2013-11-03 23:07:12 by CSlash

I found this image online, but the background was white. Now, some like it white, and that's cool. But i like black.
And for all yall who would rather have it black, i edited the image so the bg is black now. I AM NOT TAKING CREDIT
FOR THE ART ITSELF!!! That was drawn by some unknown (to me) talented artist somewhere on the internet. I'm
just taking credit for 'shopping it black. (With the gimp, an open source image editor)

Paint it black

hello world!

2011-10-15 12:22:47 by CSlash

uuuhhh... i figure i should type something here...